Monday, July 20, 2015


The last stop of my Euro Tour! A friend of mine from High School was traveling for 10 days with her boyfriend and was going to Munich. Once I found this out, months ago, I decided it would be great if we could go and meet them. They were there from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. However since Thorsten has to work he couldn't go until Friday afternoon. So I took a Bus from Mannheim to Munich Thursday Morning and was able to spend the whole time with them there, and then Thorsten came Friday evening.

I was really happy to be able to see Munich, we had nice, but very warm weather. On Thursday I met them at the hotel they were staying at, and then we went into the city to have a late lunch before touring around. Then we went into the Frauenkirche which is the biggest church in Munich, walked over to the big Englischer park where they surf on this river, which was SO cool to watch for a while. Then we took the underground up to the Olympian Park where there was a marathon or something going on, so there was people, and bikes, all over the place. Also at the subway stop was BMW world which was still open and strangely we did not see one person working there, i guess since it was already after 7 but we could see some nice cars. After we walked around and had to make a bit of a detour due to the runners, but we were able to go into the swimming pool. We had also wanted to see in the big stadium but there was something going on in there and we didn't quite understand what it was so we didn't pay to enter. But there was a big hill that we could climb and it gave an amazing view over the city and also the olympian park.

We then got the Subway, with about 600 other smelly, hot and sweaty runners, back to the hotel they were staying at and then went in the search of some food. There was a small restaurant by their hotel that we decided to go too since by then it was already 11:00 and we didn't want to take the train back into the city. The food when it came out didn't look like it was going to be that good, but it was probably the best Schnitzel that I have tasted thus far, and i've tasted a lot. mmmm it was SO good.

Friday was TERRIBLY hot, and we really wanted to swim in the rivers at the park with all the other thousands of people but we ended up going there later and just hanging out. But it looked SO fun, like a free fast flowing lazy river, there were SO many people swimming there, it really was so cool!

Instead first we went to the Deutches Museum and walked around for a while, I know shocking, I paid to go into a museum... After we were all feeling so warm and sluggish and nothing makes that better like a Ice Cream, so we had an ice cream and then headed for the park to hang out.

Later then we went back to the Hotel since Thorsten would meet us there and then we would drive over to the Hostel we were staying at. We stayed at the Wombats Hostel, which was the same that we had also stayed at in London. It had a cool vibe, but the room was very warm, it had been a treat being able to crash in their hotel room the night before. Anyway, then we all went out for some traditional bavarian beer... of course. Perhaps it was a bit too much. Thorsten and I had been discussing Munich and how we didn't want to drink that much because we had plans for the Saturday and didn't want to feel the effects the next day. But it seemed as though that all went out the window.

We still were able to do everything we wanted the next day, just at a slower pace and not without feeling nauseous.

Saturday Morning, Emma and Alex, met us in our Hostel. okay, maybe it was already late morning/afternoon. Then we walked back through the city and too the Hofbrahaus since Alex had wanted to get a T shirt there. We then walked back and took them to the train station before heading out of the city ourselves. Just a few days before leaving for Munich Thorsten had mentioned that Dachau was very near by. I had always had an interest in going to one of the Concentration camps and he also had never been to one. So that was why we were hoping to not be in terrible shape to go there still. After our morning walk through the city we felt better and were still obviously going to go. Although once we got closer and closer I thought I was going to throw up for different reason it was just so creepy and sad to think about, I almost bailed at the last minute. But we went and we were definitely glad we did.

As Thorsten said, you can learn so much from a book, or a class or a documentary but once we were actually there where it all happened it was so much different. We got there at about 2:45 and were there for just about 2 hours, saw a short film in one of the buildings and then headed out. It definitely had a very creepy, gloomy sad feel to the area.

We then had a small snack along this big lake we had driven passed on the way there. The lake had this incredible, almost eery blue/green color. I took a few pictures however of course the color isn't as good. We then drove up to Marlofstein to have dinner with Thomas, Petra and Inke. We were both so tired from sleeping only 5 hours the night before so it was a fight over who had to drive and that the other one couldn't sleep. But then we had a really nice time with them and some great Barbecue!

We left at about 10:30 since it was a two and a half hour drive still from Mannheim, which I had to do since he drove the first part, not to mention the whole day prior on his own.

Okay, this post has progressively got shorter and to the point (i guess thats the problem with making three posts in a day), so here are some photos!

 Marien Platz

 and again

 in the back is the Spielzeug Museum, or toy Museum, probably would have been cool [literally too] to go in there, but we didn't. 

 small fountain out front the frauenkirche

 the Frauenkirche, it had two of these tall towers, however the one was wrapped in scaffolding... as is all landmarks in Europe that you want to see 

 the toy Museum up close

 also where the Nazi's planned the 'Crystal Night' and where some of it started. Pretty creepy


 a fancy looking building we passed on the way to see the surfers

 nice walkways 

So many people on this hot day!

so many waiting to surf, and so many watching!

Emma and Alex!

a young boy was surfing, once you fall off the wave. it quickly sweeps you down so you have to be quick to jump back out.

the view from the bridge 

the Runners

BMW World

 hanging out in some chairs 

 The BMW i8 all electric

 BMW headquarters and Museum

BMW World

checking out the map of the olympian Park 

 More runners

 the swimming pool

Dramatically climbing the mountain 

the view from the top

charging station for the BMW World

 waiting for the train

 Our Hostel 

again to see the surfers 


where the Barracks were 

 the center path 

 the view from the back to where the Barracks were

 Arbeit Macht Frei: Work makes you free.

 the lake!

nice to put the feet in!

 these went out of order for some reason but emma and I at the Olympian Park

Beer Boobs! I was imitating a picture that was on the wall. 

the four of us :)

So this is probably my last post since I will be home in 4 days. I hope you enjoyed my adventures along with me and thanks to all those who continuously read my posts. I really enjoyed posting them and am looking forward to going home and printing them all out so that I have them for a longer time!

hope to see you soon back in the USA! 
xox Hannah 


Okay so last Saturday we went to Strasbourg France for the day, it's about an hour and a half from Mannheim and he had wanted to go for a while and the pictures looked so nice so we went! We brought our bikes with us so that we could get around easily, which we were very happy to have done. When we first got there we parked and then took our bikes to the Tourist Center to get a map, and then climbed up the Cathedral Notre Dame and got a nice look over the city. I had read online that you should be in the Cathedral to Watch the astrological clock at noon, so we were just in time to also do that, however we were really not impressed. They first had a video that explained some things in French, German and English. However some things that they said in German they did not also say in English. and then once the clock was actually moving, it wasn't nearly as interesting as we had thought.

We then rode our bikes and saw the big EU buildings and then went to a big park. We picked a very hot day so it wasn't much fun, and once we were outside of the center city, it was quite Ugly. It was really only nice at the Petite France area.

But here are some photos anyway.

okay for some reason the photos aren't showing up, so I will keep trying to add them

Bikes in Strasbourg!

Climbing the Cathedral

views as we go up

view from the top


 the clock

 not even sure what this was, just looked nice with the garden

 I liked the grass between the street car rails

 Lovely area around the EU Parliment

 the parliament building... looks unfinished to me... and weird that there was no security 

 there was some people protesting, but i think you can only just barley see it 

my bike being a good model in the park


 cue the whistles!

 on the way to the petite France area

a big tree over the pathway that has to be held up

 all these are from the one nice area, in my opinion